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Welcome to the registration page of MUNI XXV. We are very happy that you are considering our conference.

Below you can find the MUNI XXV Registration Table which contains all of the important dates pertaining to registration periods and payment deadlines as well as all of the fees and their amounts for our conference. You will also find links to both our Registration Guide, which contains our detailed Financial Policy and Registration Process, as well as our Delegate Liability/Photo Release Forms. The policies outlined in the Registration Guide and the Delegate Liability/Photo Release Forms are final and very important.

We will be keeping most policies consistent from MUNI XXIII. Check back soon for our updated Registration Guide! Finally, our policy of waiving the school fee for new schools will be remaining in place for this year.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or! I look forward working with all of you to make this an enjoyable experience for you and your delegates.

Steven Huang & Sean Norris
Under-Secretary General of Registration - MUNI XXV

MUNI XXV Registration Table Early Registration Regular Registration Late Registration-->,
Registration Period October 7th - Wednesday November 27th November 6th - Tuesday December 31st Wednesday January 1st - Friday January 31st
School Fee $50.00 $60.00 $70.00
School Fee Deadline Tuesday, November 5th Monday, December 31st Thursday, January 31st
School Fee Refundable? No No No
Transportation Fee $50.00 $60.00 $70.00
Transportation Fee Deadline Friday, February 7th Friday, February 7th Friday, February 7th
Transportation Fee Refundable? No No No
Delegate Fee $50.00 $55.00 $60.00
Delegate Fee/Assignment Roster Deadline Monday, December 31st Monday, December 31st Friday, February 14th
Date That Delegate Drop Fee Goes Into Effect Wednesday, January 16
Drop Fee Per Delegate $25.00 $27.50 $30.00
Date That All Fees Become Non-Refundable Saturday, February 15
Please click here for the Registration Guidebook which contains our detailed financial policy and registration process.

Please click here for the Delegate Liability and Photo Release forms.

Registration Form

Before filling out and submitting this registration form, please make sure that you have carefully read our Financial Policy and Registration Process located on the registration page of our website as well as within your Registration Guidebook. You can also click here to be directed to it. Any questions or concerns pertaining to our Financial Policy and Registration Process, this form, and any and all registration related issues can be directed to our Under-Secretary-General of Registration, Steven Huang & Sean Norris, at or Please not that if you get a "Service Error 500" after you register to disregard that; you are still registered for the conference.

Please be sure to indicate if you're an independent delegate
Please be sure to specify city, state, and zip code in address.
Below, you will select a login email and password for the MUNI XXIV Advisor Network. The Advisor Network is the system you will use to submit all registration information and materials from this point on as well as make any changes concerning your delegation’s registration. The Advisor Network is described more in depth within the Financial Policy and Registration Process found on our website and within your Registration Guidebook.
Will your delegation require transportation during the conference?
(Our conference is held on campus at the University of Illinois. However, the hotel(s) we partner with to provide lodging during the conference is located off campus. Conference transportation comes in the form of buses taking you and your delegation to and from the conference location and hotel throughout the weekend. There is a $50 Transportation Fee that covers you and your entire delegation throughout the conference should you sign up for transportation.)

Position Preferences

Below is an opportunity for your delegation to let us know which countries, positions and committees your delegates prefer. We cannot guarantee your top choices, but the sooner you register, the better the chances for your school.

Below, please list your delegation’s top three country preferences:

By clicking on register below, you agree that you have fully read and understand the policies detailed in the Registration Guidebook and agree to adhere to those policies
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